Maltese Language Courses

Would you like to learn or teach your children Maltese?

  • A set of Maltese language courses which cater for all ages;
  • These courses consist of audio tapes and readers;
  • The courses are not only bilingual ie English and Maltese but the text of the reader is identical to the tape. This means that the student reads, listens and has the opportunity to pronounce the words because there is a pause on the tape;
  • The main aim of the courses is to spread the Maltese culture throughout the world;
  • I have drawn heavily on the Maltese culture to give my courses that unique Maltese flavour. This means that students who have already been to Malta, will find that some of the places mentioned in the courses would be familiar to them. Those who have never been to Malta will find that the courses will make an ideal travel guide;
  • I also offer all my students a free backup service. If you have a problem or query just contact me. You can also ring me and we can have a chat about Malta and we can practise Maltese;
  • Your notes will also be regularly updated because I will send you free email notes about the culture, grammar and history of Malta;

For more information please write to:

Karmenu Attard
3 Guthrie Street
Phone: +61 2 62496939
Fax +61262497736
Email: or

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