Abela, Alexander (1932-) KM, JP.

Abela Alexander

Born in Floriana Malta 13 August,1932. He was educated at St.Aloysius College, Malta and later at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He was Captain in 3LAA Regt RMA(T). He left Malta by air direct to New Zealand in 1962. Worked in Information Technology since 1963 with NCR, IBM, etc. as systems analyst/consultant and later, for 20 years, and as computer manager for the national airline of New Zealand. He was appointed Justice of the Peace for New Zealand in 1979 and as first Honorary Consul for the Republic of Malta in New Zealand in 1988, retired in 1996.

He is Member of the Auckland Diplomatic Corps 1988 -1996. Invested Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta (SMOM), at the Victoria Chapel, Valletta, in 1988. He is Foundation member and President of the Malta Society of New Zealand. Foundation member and Patron of the George Cross Island Association of New Zealand. Served as volunteer worker for the Catholic Church in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Samoa since 1992.

Email: alex_abela@compuserve.com

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