Attard, Raphael (28.10.1929-)


Born in Senglea, Attard received his education at the Lyceum and the RUM graduating Ph.C. (1948), B.Sc. (1949), and MD (1952). He furthered his studies in the UK, qualifying FRCS (1958 in Malta he held various surgical posts, being finally appointed consultant surgeon in 1964. He was appointed lecturer at the RUM in 1969. He was also awarded WHO fellowships in Denmark (1964) and the USA (1968). In 1978 he was appointed consultant general surgeon (1978-89). and eventually senior surgeon (1989-94) at South Tyneside District (UK). In 1993-94 he served as medical direct of the same hospital.

Attard served as president to a number of medical associations, including the British Medical Association Malta Branch) (1968, 1972, and i977), the South Tyneside Division (1982-83), the Associaton of Surgions and Physicians of Malta (1975-76)and the North of England Surgical Society(1989-1990).

Attard also served as the Chairman of the Postgraduate Medical Centre (1993-94) and as surgical tutor for the Royal College of Surgeons (1984-9) at South Tyneside District Hospital. Attard is married to Diana Jeanne O'Connor.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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