Camilleri, Aloysius (1929-)


Born in Xaghra, Gozo,Camilleri joined the Society of Jesus in 1946 and four years later was sent to the Maltese Jesuit Mission in Santal Parganas, India. He was ordained priest in March 1959, after completing all his language, philosophy, and theology studies at Ranchi, Poona, and Kurseong respectively. After his final year of probation as a Jesuit at Hazaribagh, he was assigned to St Joseph's High School, Guhiajori where he served as headmaster for six years. From there he moved to the pastoral ministry and spent eight years as parish priest at Tinpahar.

Camilleri was then transferred to the cathedral parish at Dudhani and for two years served as vicar-general under Bishop Leo Tigga, SJ, until the division of Dumka diocese in 1,978 when Tigga was transferred to thenewly-created diocese of Raigan. Camilleri is parish priest at Dudjani.

In 1993 Camilleri was appointed vicar-general of Dumka. Bihar, India, by Bishop Tlephore Toppo, SJ.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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