Camilleri, Harry (21.02.1933-)


Camilleri was born in Marsa. He started playing chess at the age of 12. Five years later he scored his first success when he won the Boys Championship. Encouraged by this success, he started to frequent clubs and places where the game was practised, winning many friendly matches, and building up valuable experience for more important encounters.

In a short while Camilleri became on, of the most respected chess players on the Island. In 1964 Captain Wilfred G. Attard who had domi-nated the local chess scene during the post-war period, emigrated to Australia leaving the way clear for Camilleri to win his first Malta Championship.

It was the start of a long and fruitful career. He won the championship 15 times and took part in many Prestigious international tournaments, both locally and abroad. Perhaps his best moment came in 1967 when, in the Halle Zonal Tourn--t in East Germany, he beat Ciocaltea of Rumania and Minev of Bulgaria. In the same tournament he also obtained merited draws against Mnnmark and Johnson (Sweden), Peterssen (Denmark), and Pietrusiak (Poland).

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