Caruana, Joseph Arthur (1918-)

First Chairman Maltese Federal Council, Australia

Born 26 November 1918.

Mr Caruana was Private Secretary to successive Emigration Ministers, John Cole and Dr Giuseppi MariaCamilleri (1949-1950). He was Emigration Attaché at Malta Mission in Australia (1950), and Secretary (Head of Chancery) at Mission (1957). In 1961 he was recalled to Malta during which time he assisted Emigrants' Commission (Mgr Phillip Calleja) in briefing migrants, through lectures and TV programmes on life in Australia.

In 1967 he rejoined Mission in Australia as First Secretary and was appointed Deputy High Commissioner (1970). He acted as Head of Mission during absences of the High Commissioner (1967-78) He was Acting High Commissioner from January 1978 to July 1982.

In July 1982 he retired from the Service and settled in Australia.

Mr Caruana has always shown a keen interest in matters relating to Maltese migrants in Australia. In 1986 he was elected Interim Chairman of the first Maltese Federal Council.

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