Fr Dominic Coppola (1914-1998)

Fr Coppola is best known for his work with the Maltese migrants in London.

During the War, he served as chaplain with the Maltese Forces with whom he stayed for five years. Soon after, he went to Libya because of the problems of Maltese were experiencing there at the time. He was to visit North Africa on a number of occasions later on.

In 1951 he accompanied a group of young female migrants to Lancashire where they found work at the cotton mills. From 1953 onwards he was chaplain to the Maltese in London.

Fr Coppola worked hard to establish a Maltese centre in London. One was eventually found in Pimlico, officially blessed by Mgr Gonzi in 1958. In 1963 they moved to a better place in Poplar. The final move was to St George' Drive in Victoria which was much more centrally situated (near the Victoria railway station).

By 1993, Fr Coppola retired in Malta aged 79 years of which 42 years had been spent in London helping Maltese migrants.

[For further information see: Profiles in Maltese Migration by Fr Lawrence E. Attard, 2003, PEG, Malta]

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