Born in Algiers in 1935 (at that time, capital of French Algeria).


Son of Dimech Marcel, ° 1907, Algiers, + 1994 (Salon-de-Provence)

And of Pisani Marguerite, ° 1912, Algiers. ( x 1933 )


Grandson of Dimech Joseph, ° 1858, in Malta (Floriana), +1923 (Algiers)

And of Vella Rose, ° 1871, in Algiers ( x 1887, Algiers ), +1925 (Algiers)

Grandson of Pisani Paul, ° 1887, in Algiers, + 1949 (Algiers)

And of Dimech Angèle, ° 1890, in Algiers ( x 1911, Algiers), + 1979 (Salon-de-Provence)


Dimech Joseph was son of Dimech Michael (Floriana) and of Mifsud Antonietta (Floriana), ( x 1845, (Floriana), + 1882 (Floriana)

Vella Rose was daughter of Vella Thomas °1829 Gozo, + 1886, Algiers) and of Caruana Carmela °1839 Gozo, + Algiers), ( x 1855 Algiers)

Pisani Paul was son of Pisani Salvator (° Algiers, 1865) and Ancessy Marie (°Tlemcen,1865), ( x 1884, Algiers)

Dimech Angèle was daughter of Dimech Vincent (°1852, Floriana) and of Vella Marie (° 1862, Algiers), ( x 1884,

Algiers )

Vella Marie, was daughter of Vella Salvatore(°1826,Gozo : Nadur) and of Angel Marie (Gozo,1832), x 1852, Algiers)


Dimech Michael, great-grandfather of Pierre Dimech,was son of Dimech Pierre and Attard Theresa, (x Valletta, 1808) (° and + in Malta)

Mifsud Antonietta, great-grandmother of Pierre Dimech, was daughter of Mifsud Raimondi and Busuttil Marguerita (°, x, and + in Malta)

Vella Thomas, other great-grandfather, was son of Vella Paul and Attard Graziella (°, x and + in Gozo)

Caruana Carmela, other great-grandmother, was daughter of Caruana Joseph and Greck Antonietta (°, x, and + in Rabat,Gozo).


Pisani Salvator, other great-grandfather, was son of Pisani Antonio, (° 1821, Zebbug, Malta) and of Attard Maria (°1825, Valletta). ( x 1844, Algiers)

Vella Marie, other great-grandmother, was daughter of Vella Salvatore (°1826, Nadur, Gozo) and of Angel Maria (°1832, Gozo), x 1852, Algiers..



Three observations may be expressed :

-The Pierre Dimech’s ancestors are evidently maltese.

-They have emigrated very early in Algeria. We can note 3 maltese marriages in Algiers, in 1844, in 1852, and in 1855….Only Joseph Dimech, grandfather of Pierre, emigrated later (1882 ?)… born in Malta in 1858, married in Algiers in 1887. His brother, Vincent, was born in Malta in 1852, and married in Algiers in 1884…

-If the Dimech branch is maltese from Malta (Floriana) and, before: Mdina; and before Mdina, Zebbug), the other branches are from Gozo (Nadur, Rabat).


After primary and secondary school, in Algiers.

Studies at the Algier’s University, between 1954 and 1960: « Faculté de Droit » and « Institut d’Etudes Politiques ».

Licencié en Droit, DES (diplôme d’études supérieures en Doctorat) de Droit Romain et Histoire du Droit; DES de Droit Public; DES de Sciences Politiques.

1960- 1962 : Service in the French Army, in Algeria.

After the algerian independance, in 1962, leaves Algiers for Paris.

1963 – 1990 : middle, then senior-manager at the Juridic Department of a french Bank.

1990 – 1995 : Lawyer at the Court of Paris. And . Teacher in banking law at the University of Paris IX.

Note : since 1973’, is a graduate of Law ( Doctorate ), with a Thesis about Maltese History, untitled : « Contribution à l’étude de l’histoire politique et constitutionnelle de Malte – l’éveil du nationalisme maltais (1800-1936)

(University of Paris-II).

Since 1996, Pierre Dimech is retired, and have many associative and cultural activities.


During 1968’, agrees with Mr Vincent C. GALEA to create and develop France-MALTE Association, it’s the beginning of 20 years of cooperation and friendship between them. Pierre Dimech, Deputy-President, will trust in Vincent Galea up to the death of Vincent. At her top (1973-1983), France-Malte will bring together more than 3,000 members, the moste of them, french people, born in French Nord-Africa (Algeria and Tunisia), with a majority of men and women from maltese origin.

Since 1973, date of creation, Pierre Dimech is member of the team who manage the Association « Cercle Algérianiste », who bring together to-day 8,000 members, through France. This « cercle » is a Federation of more than 30 local associations « cercle algérianiste », in main French towns, especially in the south of France.

The « Cercle Algérianiste » is not especially a Maltese association, but an association of French people generally born in French Algeria. Some of them are from Maltese origin, or, at least have for a part of their origins. Largely, they have been good relationship in Algeria, then to-day, in France, with french persons from Maltese origin.

The aims of the »Cercle Algérianiste » are to maintain the spirit and the culture of French Algeria, without politics. To realize by survey the survival of a Civilisation is our first finality. It’s not at all a simple « nostalgic program . To think that will be wrong. We want to win a Challenge : transmit at the young generations at the least a part of the knowledge of a fascinating human adventure despite a tragic end.

Those 132 years, of course, belong to French History, but also to the Mediterranéan History, with those people who leaved their countries, Continental Spain, Baleares Islands (above all, Minorca), Continental Italy, Sardegna, Sicilia, Malta (and, above all, Gozo), and, of course, all French countries, South of France, Paris, Britannia, Alsace, etc… to begin a new life, a life of adventure, to find in short a NEW FRONTIER…

This Association have a lot of activities : History, Literature, Theatre, conferences, meetings, links with genealogists, and so on…

Among those activities, there are studies about the formation of the French Community in Algéria from various people, gone from some countries. Among them, there is Malta, and Maltese people, of course!

The success of the first official journey in Malta during a week, this year, in May, is a consecration of the interest about Malta and Maltese community.

The hope of the « Cercle Algerianiste » is to develop links with Maltese University, and not only in matter of Maltese emigration in Algeria, the most important matter but not the only one.

The « Cercle Algerianiste » edits a Review (4/ a year: the next, in july 2001, will be the n° 94);

he has a website :« www.cerclealgerianiste.asso.fr »

The personal website of Pierre Dimech is

« www.multimania.com/maltalger/ »

(Pierre Dimech has realized 19 travels in Malta, since 1966).


-1969 - 1985 : articles in several Reviews ; lectures , and interviews, in « France-Malte » context. Thèmes : Maltese History ; Maltese in Algéria.

-Since 1975 up to-day : a lot of features and lectures, in « Cercle Algérianiste » context. Numerous thèmes about Algéria : History, daily life…Often, about Malta, Maltese emigration in Algéria. Even if the subject is not in relationship with Malta, he gives the point of view of a maltese one..

Articles on Newspapers about Malta, on literary point of view (maltese civilization ; Malta facing up to Tourism…)

-Thésis for Doctorate in 1973 (Paris ), about maltese constitutional history (op.cit).

-Postface of « L’Emigration des maltais en Algérie au XIXème xiècle », by Marc Donato.

-« D’une jetée l’Autre », Novel (1997) on the thème of Algéria, Malta, and France.

-« Si jamais je t’oublie, Algérie » (1998), synthèsis of features published in the Review « L’Algérianiste » during 25 years.

-Conclusion to a collective Book about consequences of algérian war of Independance (to be published, autumn 2001).


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