Joseph Edward Doublet (1901-1987)

Joseph was educated at the Lyceum and was proficient in English and Italian as well as Maltese. He emigrated to New York in June 1920 and worked on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

He was helpful in finding work for fellow Maltese, and later on, during the depression, he helped them with food, clothing and accommodation, as well as food baskets on special occasions like Christmas. Over a thirty-year period (1920-1950) he sponsored more than 2000 Maltese migrants to the US.

Together with Father (later Bishop) George Caruana (1882-1951), he set up the Malta Society of New York. He also started the Maltese Benevolent Society (1930) to visit the sick and elderly and help them with hospital fees and provide them with a decent burial. Later on, in 1940, he set up the Malta Relief Fund to send help to Maltese in Malta during the war.

In June 1935, he started The Maltese Benevolent Journal¸ later to be known as The Maltese Journal, of which he was a responsible editor keeping a high standard of reporting.

In 1939 he organised an exhibition of some 200 Maltese books at New York World Fair.

In 1965, Doublet founded the Committee for Maletse Unity to provide annual donations to the poor.

Doublet also served for twelve years as an assistant domestic judge.

When he retired he concentrated more on his Melitensia collection of books, coins and other objects.Joseph Doublet died in New York in 1987.

[For further information see: Profiles in Maltese Migration by Fr Lawrence E. Attard, 2003, PEG, Malta

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