Farrugia Edward George (1.10.1947-)

Professor of dogma and eastern patrology at the Pontifical Institute of Oriental Studies, Rome

Born in Marsa, Fanugia studied at the Lyceum In 1963 he joined the Society of Jesus, he was ordained priest in 1976 and he madede his final vows in 1985.

In 1965 entered the RUM and continued his studies at St Louis University, Missouri,USA, where he graduated BA in Latin and Greek (1968), MA, and Lic. Phil. (1969) and Ph.D. in philosophy (1972). He graduated Mag. Theol. at the Leopold-Franzens-Universitat, Innsbruck, Austria (1976). Ms doctorate in theology was conferred upon him in 1985 by the Eberhard-Karls-Universitat, Tobingen, Germany. Farrugia attended summer schools at the Universitv of San Francisco in California, the Hellenic American Union, Athens, the Aristotle University of Tenessaloniki; and the Russian School of St Georges, Meudon in Paris.

At the age of 30 Farrugia started teaching philosophy at St Louis University, Missouri and in 1981 he became the first Maltese to teach at the Pontifical institute of Oriental Studies (PIO) in Rome. In 1991 he was appointed full professor at the PIO for dogma and eastern patrologoy

In March 1992, after the collapse of communism in Bulgaria, Farrugia was one of the first two a series of conferences at the New University of Sofia. The lectures were published as the first book of the New University of Sofia. In connection with the Sofia lectures. a new ecumenical journal Vselena/Oikoumene was founded of which Farrugia is founding member. In 1994 he was invited by the ministry of education of Bulgaria to give another series of lectures at the same ministry.

Farrugia has edited various journals. Since 1986 he has been assistant editor of the scientific journal Orientalia Cbristiana periodicaRome and associate editor of the scientific monograph series Orientalia Christiana, Analecta. In 1991 he was founding-member of the Centro Studi e Ricercbe Ezio Aletti, a centre which forms part of the PIO, Rome. In 1992, the international joumal of theology. Concilium, which is published in several languages, nominated him member of its advisory board of ecumenism. and in 1994, Farrugia organized in Malta the second encounter of monks east and west. Since 1993 Farrugia has been the secretary of these encounters. In 1994 Pope John Paul 11 nominated him consultor of the Congregation for Eastern Churches.

Farrugia, who speaks 8 languages, has published seven books: Did Bergson's Moral Thinking Undergo Radical Development? (Anne Arbor, Michigan, 1973); Aussge und Zusage: Zur Indirektheit der Methode KAd Rahners veranschaulicbt an seiner Christologie (Rome, 1985), A Concise d Dictionary Of 7heology (with G. O'Collins SJ) (Mahwah, New Jersey 1991) - this dictionary was translated into Polish (Cracow. 1993) and into Italian (Vatican City, 1995) the Theology of the Liturgy and 7heology of the Symbol. (nin Bulgarian with R. Taft, S.J. Sofdia, 1992; The Pontifical Oriental Institute: the first seventy five years, 1917- 1992 (ed. E. Farrugia) (Rome, 1993),Devotion to Life (Malta 1994) --in Traditions in Transiton: The Vitality of the Christian East (ed CMC&J Palacka 1994). Farrugia has also written num erous artiacles and book-reviews about philosohy, theology, Eastern theology, spirituality, and history, in English, German, Italian, French, and Maltese

Farrugia currently teaches in four centres of higher studies : the Pontifical Oriental Institute, the Pontifical Gregorian University, UM, and the University of Innsbruck, Austria. He has also lectured or given conferences in the USA, Austria, Italy, France, and Malta.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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