Grech, Stanley (24.12.1925-)

Professor at the Lateran University

Born at Vittoriosa, Grech studied at St Joseph School, Paola; St Catherine's School, Sliema; and the Lyceum. Between 1942 and 1943 Grech attended the RUM studying medicine, but in 1943 he joined the Augustinian Order as a novice. He studied philosophy at St Mark's Priory, Rabat and theology at St Monica College in Ron e.

Grech graduated as doctor in theology from the Gregorian University, Rome (1953), and obtained a licentiate in sacred scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome (1954), a diploma in educational psychology from Fribourg, Switzerland (1951), and conducted research in Semitic languages at Oxford University (1957-58) and Cambridge University (1958-59)-

Grech wasordained priest at St John Lateran in Rome on 25 March 1950. In 1959 he was appointed lecturer at the Augustinian Theological college, Rabat , and served as secretary at the Vatican Vicariate (1962-65), principal and processor of the Patristic Institute, Rome, (1965), professor of biblical theology at the Lateran Unviersity, Rome (1970 to date), and consulter to the Sacred Congregation of Studies, Doctrine of Faith (since 1983). concurrently he is professor at the Augustinianum institute and at the Biblical Institute of the Lateran University.

Grech also served as secretary of the Maltese Province (1954), master of students (1957), and vice-prior at St Monica College, Rome (1971-74). Between 1981 and 1987 he was diocesan assistant of Rinascita Cristiana in Rome and conducted the annual retreat for the Philippine bishops in 1980. He is also member of the New Testment Society.

Grech published several books, including The Atonement and God (Rome, 1954); Educating Cbristians (London, 1961); Dun Karm, Poet of Malta (Cambridge, 1960); Atti ecgli Apostoli (Bologna, 1964); The Acts of the Apostles - a Doctrinal Comentary (New York, 1966); and Le idee fondamentali del Nuovo Testamento (Rome, 1968). Grech contributed to The Jerusalem Bible, articles on 'Teaching and Tradition in Apostolic Times' and 'Christ in History and Kerygma' to the New Catbolic Commentary on Holy Scripture, (1969). He also wrote various articles andbook reviews in international periodicals and learned journals.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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