Gusman, Enzo (Laurence) (9.8.1947-)

Pop singer

Educated at the Lyceum and the UM, Gusman joined Barclays Bank in 1965 and pursued a career in banking in Malta as well as in Canada where he emigrated in 1979. He returned to Malta a few years ago with his wife Carmen Schembri who was well-known on the Maltese light musical scene. They have two daughters, Johanna and Greta.

Gusmari showed an interest in singing from a very early age and took part in several song festivals and later started writing some of his own competing songs. He represented Malta at several international song festivals in Bulgaria, Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Ireland, Italy, the USA and Germany. He entertained Maltese expatriates in the UK, USA , Canada, and Australia.

His self-penned hit songs include 'Fil-pjazza tar-rahal', 'Zepp u Grezz', 'Awguri, 'Fis-sewwa jew fid-dnewwa, 'Ghax ghadni nhobbok', 'Ilum il-festa taghna', and 'M'ghadekx li kont, 'Din ghalikom il-Hbieb tieghi' , and 'Better Luck next time'. He has produced 2 CDs 'Made in Malta' and 'Simply Brilliant', and has presented numerous TV and radio shows such as 'Bejn il-hbieb', 'Klips',and 'Bejn il-basla....

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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