Mifsud, Angelo (5.6.1914-22.4.1996)

Benedictine abbot

Born at Msida, Mifsud, at the age of 19, encouraged by Dom Mauro Inguanez OSB, joined the Benedictine Cassinese congregation at the Most Holy Trinity Abbey at Cava de Tirreni. After the year of novitiate, he was professed a monk in 1935 and ordained at the same abbey in 1941. Mifsud was assigned at the theological school of Cava de Tirreni where he taught moral theology and canon law, besides French and English to the juniors.

Keenly interested in the environment and farm conservation, Mifsud also looked after the rural college. He was already director of the library and the archives of the in 1955 he became novice master. Was transferred to the abbey of San Martino delle Scale in Palermo. For two years he taught French at the Bocconist Institut Palermo, but he had to leave teaching as, in recognition of his standing and his services to his brethren, he was elected abbot of San Martino delle Scale in 1969. Besides being the only Maltese abbot, in 1973 Mifsud accorded the highest honour in Benedictine Cassinese congregation when he was elected abbot president, that is he was placed in charge of the administration and running of the whole congregation and its various institutions.

Mifsud worked hard to overcome the difficulties which the Cassinese congregation was going through at that time and at the conclusion of his term of office chose to go to Malta for a time. He asked and was given the permission to bring to Malta two or three Benedictine monks to try to establish a Benedictine community in his native island. Disappointed at the lack of support and cooperation he found Dom Angelo returned to his abbey of San Martino delle Scale.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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