Pugliesevich, Charles E (4.1.1935-)

Oilfields industry operator

Pugliesevich was born at Msida and received his education at St Albert the Great College.

Pugliesevich started his working life at 17, as a clerk for the NAAFI in Malta where he stayed till 1960. He then emigrated to Canada where he started his involvement with the oil industry, staying there up to 1968 and establishing many contacts, including with the Newfoundland Institute of Management & Training and the St John's Board of Trade.

Pugliegevich returned to Malta in 1968. After the 1971 elections he was appointed operations manager of Malta Offshore Supplies and Services Ltd. Special assignments took him to the Shetland Islands and to Portugal. Government gave him the task of setting up MEDSERV (Mediterranean Oilfield Services Ltd.) in 1974 and this he did very successfully, staying at its helm until 1978 when he moved back to Canada.

This time it was the famous international organization of Ocean Inchcape (Nfld) Ltd. which appointed him manager. Subsequently he rose to Positions of executive vice-president with Crosbie Offshore Services Ltd., and as president of Kappa Oilfields Services. He was also founder-member of the St John's Oilfield Technical Society.

Pugliesevich eventually built up his own very successfully Pugliesevich Group of Companies operating in Canada and elsewhere, always predominantly in the oil industry- 'ne Group grew to include Pugliesevich Oilfields Consultants (International) Ltd., Pugliesevich Managment & Services Ltd., Pugliesevich Grews & Services Ltd., Diversified Foods & Services Ltd., Atlantic Rentals Ltd., Lifcline Marketing Ltd., and others. His technical "pertise earned him fellowship of the Institute of Logistics and the Institute of Commercial Management.

Pugliesevich always remained very attached to and sentimental about Malta, even in Canada. He travelled to Malta regularly, was involved in many local philantropic projects, and was honorary president of several sports and social organizations in Cospicua. He was appointed honorary consul for Malta in Canada in 1984 and raised to honorary consul-general in 1986.

In 1958 Pugliesevich married Margaret Grech and they had a son, Valhmor, and two daughters, Theresa and Frances.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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