Pulis Vince JP

Mr Vince Pulis JP, migrated from Malta and settled in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. He devoted most of his leisure time in helping the community especially those Maltese who settled in the Latrobe Valley. Region in Victoria

Mr Pulis involved himself in various Maltese originations and welfare progamms. He was President of the Maltese Community Centre, Latrobe Valley from 1975 to 1982. As a Justice of Peace and Chairman of the Board, Vince was always available to assist those requiring assistance in filling up forms¸ translation, pensions and other day to day problems.

In 2007, Vince was appointed Pastoral Worker for the region working with the Multicultural Society of the Latrobe Valley.

Mr Pulis organises a Mass in Maltese for those for migrants who prefer to say mass in their mother tongue.

Vince’s pride and joy is to help his community and he does it all on a voluntary basis.

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