Sammut, Albert (22.2.1933-)


Bom at Birkirkara, Sammut was educated at the Lyceum. He joined the Franciscan Order in 1950 and pursued his higher studies at the Pontificia Facolta Theologica, San Bonaventura in Rome. He graduated S.T'h.B.( 1955), S. Th.Lic. 1(957) and S. Th.D. (1967).

Sammut was ordained priest in Rome in and served as rector of clerics in Valletta (196263). He was vice-rector at the international college, Rome (1963-69) and general secretary of the Pontificia Facolta Theologica San Bonaventura in Rome (1970-81).

In 1981 Sammut went to India where he carried out missionary work till 1989 when he moved to the Philippines. In 1991 he was appointed provincial supen- of the Philippines Mission.

Sammut is the author of II-Quddiesa Tieghi, Uliedek, sa ma tilhaqhom ii-fawra taz-Zghozija, II-Hajja ta' San Franagisk ta' Assisi,and Sexualis 'Puerorum Education iuxta Doctrinam Ecciesiae, Annis 1908-1965. Sammut wrote many other literary works under various pseudonyms As 'AB-el Kieni', he wrote: Ilqugh fil-Migra, Vol. I (poems, 1974); as 'Farid Il-Gharnra l: Aghdajjar, Vol. I (poems, 1973), II-Palk VoI.IV/1 (1978) and Il-Palk Vol. IV/2 (1978) and as 'Rahbi I-Gharib', Nixxiegha (poems), Vol 1 (1970, Vol II (1971), Vol. III/1 (1972),. Vol III /2 (1974), Vol IV/1 (1975), and Vol \//1 (1973).

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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