Sultana, Donald Edward (20.10.1924 - )


Sultana was born in Sliema and studied at the RUM, graduating B.Sc. and MD. He pursued further studies at St John's College, Oxford and graduated B.A. (1950) and MA (1952). He graduated Ph.D. from Oxford in 1964.

Between 1946 and 1950 Sultana was Rhodes scholar for Malta. Two years later he was appointed lecturer in English at the RUM, a post he held till 1964. In 1957 he was a Carnegie visiting fellow in the USA.

Sultana lectured in English literature at the University of Edinburgh (1965-72). He was also appointed senior lecturer for the British Council in Spain and Portugal. The University of Edinburgh promoted him senior lecturer (1973) and reader in English literature (1978). He is an honorary fellow of the faculty of arts at the University of Edinburgh.

Sultana's publications include Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Malta and Italy 18041806, (Oxford, 1969); Benjamin Disraeli in Spain, Malta and Albania 1830-1832 (London, 1976); The Siege of Malta Rediscovered An Account of Sir Walter Scott's Mediterranean Journey and his Last Novel (Edinburgh, 1977); The Journey of Sir Walter Scott to Malta (Gloucester, 1986); The Journey of William Frere to Malta in 1832 (1988); and From Abbotsford to Paris and back. Sir Walter Scott's journey of 1815 (Bristol, 1993).

In 1981 Sultana edited and contributed to New Approaches to Coleridge: Biographical and Critical Essays (London). He is a regular contributor to The Times Literary Supplement of London, The Times Colonial Review, Modem Languages Review, Scottish Literary Studies, The Times, The Sunday Times, Melita Historica , and The Malta Yearbook.

Sultana was a regular reviewer for British Book News published by the British Council in London (1979-85) and for Notes and Queries (Oxford) (1985-).

Sultana married Myriam Vella in 1964.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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