Troisi, Joseph (2.8.1944-)


Born in St Julians, Troisi studied at the Lyceum and the UM. He underwent further studies in India. He holds a BA (Hons.) with distinction (1967) and an M.Phil. (1968) from Juana Deepa Vidyapeeth Pune. In 1970, he obtained his Masters in sociology from the Delhi School of Economics. In 1974 he received his M.Th. magna cum laude from the Delhi Institute of Religious Studies. After four years of researching India's largest tribe, the Santals, he received his doctorate in sociology from the University of Delhi.

In India, Troisi served as an assistant director of research and as associate editor of Social Action, a quarterly review of social trends. He also taught sociology at the universities of Delhi, Pune, and Madras in India, and of Singapore. He also served as visiting professor at the Ateneo de Manila, Philippines; the Jesuit University of Tokyo, Fordham University, New York, and the Gregorian University in Rome.

Troisi is a senior lecturer in sociology at the department of sociology and in social gerontology at the Institute of Gerontology, UM. He is also the chairman of the University of the Third Age. After having served as the first programme manager and coordinator of the International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta, he is now the deputy director of the same institute. He is the director of the WHO collaborating centre in Malta on healthy ageing and serves as a member of the committee of experts on 'Varieties of Welfare Provision and Dependent Old People' at the Council of Europe Directorate of Social and Economic Affairs.

Troisi has actively participated in a number of world congresses, international fora and seminars reading papers on sociology and social gerontology. He has lectured in Anshan, Beijing, Dubrovnik, Manila, Panama City, and Melbourne. As temporary advisor to the WHO, Troisi has performed a number of consultancy works in Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, and Zagreb.

Troisi formed part of a four-member team of experts appointed by the Maltese government to prepare a scientific report aimed at evaluating the services for the elderly in Malta and their implications in the planning of future services in the light of economic relations and demographic trends. In collaboration with the parliamentary secretary for the elderly, he was instrumental in the setting up of and co-ordinating in-service courses in gerontology for all those working with the elderly.

Troisi's publications include ne Santals: A Classified and Annotated Bibliography (Delhi, 1976), Tribal Religion: Religious Beliefs and Practices among the Santals (Delhi, 1978), Readings in Tribal Life: The Santals (10 vols., Delhi, 1979), and Full Participation and Equality of the Disabld: Myth or Reality? (1992). He has also published various papers and articles, in Malta and abroad, and contributed to various books in sociology and social gerontology.

Troisi is married to Pauline Muscat and they have three children, Monique, Christopher, and Marcelle.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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