Vassallo, Francis J. (3.10.1948-)


Vassallo was born in Mdina and studied at at the Lyceum and the RUM where he graduated in economics in 1970.

After a short traineeship with Scicluna in Malta he moved to Milan where he joined the Chase Manhattan Bank working an analysis. He next moved to New York teaching credit analysis with the bank there.

In 1975 Vassallo became manager of Chase Manhattan in the Dominican Republic, returning to New York a year later, working on the financing of precious and non-ferrous metals. He was also responsible for the bank's commodities team in South America.

In 1979 Vassallo was transferred to London where he further specialisd in gold; during this period he was guest speaker at several internationational commodity conferences. In 1983 he was appointed marketing manager to the bank's Gneva-based private banking arm and to the boards of Chase Bank & Trust in the Channel Islands and Chase Manhattan SA in Luxembourg.

Five years later Vassalo was transferred to Spain to manage a bank just bought by Chase Manhattan. After July 1991 he was joint appointed general manager of Chase Manhattan Private Bank in Switzerland, responsible for Southern Europe.

In 1933, after 23 years, Vassallo left Chase Manhattan to take up the post of governor of the Central Bank of Malta (1993-1997). He was also a director on the board of the Malta Financial Services Centre.

Vassallo is married to Mimici Miceli-Farrugia, and they have three children, Alexia, Adriana, and Stefan. Now he operates his personal financial advisory firm.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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