Vella, Horatio Caesar R. (26.11.1952-)

Classical scholar

Born in Pieta’, Vella studied at St Alphonse Salesian House in Sliema, the Seminary, T'homleigh Salesian College of Bolton, Lanes., and Beckford Salesian House in Gloucester. He pursued further studies at the RUM, at St Thomas Aquinas College at Rabat and the University of Thessaloniki . He holds a BA (Hons.), an an MA, and a Ph-D. in Latin and Greek.

In 1968 Vella joined the Salesian Order but immediately he emigrated to the UK.but then joined the Dominican Order (1974-75).­In 1979 he emigrated to Zimbabwe, he taught at the university. In Zimbabwe he founded and coordinated a Maltese community association.

Vella travelled widely. For his post-doctoral he went to Greece and in 1984 he taught at the University of Malawi, where he was appointed as an external examiner. In 1989 he returned to Malta and appointed senior Lecturer at the UM.

Vella is the author of The Earliest Description of Maltyons, 1536 (1980), Enjambement and Some Metrical Technicalities in Apollonius of Rhodes Zimbabwe, 1982), and Repeats and Symmetrical Clusters of Metrical Patters in the First Four Feet in Latin Sliver Age Epic Poetry (1987). He has publised a number of papers, articles, and reviews in newspapers and journals in Malta and abroad.

Vella also editied Laurea Corona:Studies inHonour of Eddward Colerio (Amsterdam 1987) and The University of Malta: Latin Symposium Proceedings, April 1993 (1994). He is regularly consulted for the translation of Latin inscriptions, manuscripts, and excerpts.

Vella successfully contested the elections for the Kirkop local council in the interests of the PN.

He first married Mary Rose Farrugia who died in 1992 and then he remarried Vivian Caruana.

Source: Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century (1997), editors Michael J. Schiavone and Louis J. Scerri

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