Zahra, Christian MP.


Christian Zahra was born at Pieta in April 1973 and is the youngest member of the Australian Federal Parliament, and possibly the youngest ever elected. He is also the first Malta-born member of the Australian Parliament.

Christian was elected to the House of Representatives for McMillan, Victoria, in 1998 and 2001. McMillan; as Christian put it in his maiden speech to parliament on 23 November 1998, is a “region famous for its enormous brown coal reserves and forestry resources” and it is “also a region with a long and proud tradition of trade unionism and multiculturalism.”.

He came to Australia, aged three, with his parents in 1976.

Christian joined the Labor Party in 1991 and was active in the Young Labor movement. He was elected State Secretary in 1995.

Before entering the Federal Parliament, Christian obtained a Bachelor of Economics at La Trobe University and from 1994-1996 worked as electorate officer to Barry Cunningham MP, who then held the seat of McMillan. He also has worked for Gippsland Water and in 1997 was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Central Gippsland Aboriginal Health and Housing Cooperative in Morwell.

In 2001, Christian was appointed to the Shadow Ministry as Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Minister for Communications. In March 2003, following a Shadow Ministry reshuffle, he was made Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Minister for Regional Development & Transport.

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