Zammit, Clemente (17.3.1942-)

Dr Clemente Zammit, MQR, D.Univ (Honoris Causa)

Born at B’kara, Malta in 1942

Consul General of Malta in Victoria since 1 March 1989

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Europe-Australia Institute, Victoria University

Member of Victoria University’s Community Partnership Advisory Committee (UCPAC)

Member of the Performing Right Society (London)

Member of the Mechanical Copyright Society (London)

Honorary life-member of several Maltese organisations in Victoria

Poet and lyrics writer with several printed and recorded works to his credit in Malta and Australia

A regular contributor to Maltese radio programmes in Victoria and, when it was published, to Il-Maltija with articles relating to Maltese issues

Awarded “Midalja ghall-Qadi tar-Repubblika” (MQR) on 13 December 1999

Received the degree of Doctor of the University (honoris causa) from Victoria University on 10 October 2001

Clemente studied at the Lyceum and at the Usher Institute, University of Leeds, and the University of Edinburgh as a WHO fellow in health service programming. He also undertook several courses of studies in management with colleges in the UK and Australia.

He served as a teacher in the department of education (1959), customs officer (1960-1962), executive officer in the departments of health (1962-1964) and social security (1964-1966), higher executive officer in the department of health (1967-1968), administrative officer at the Office of the Prime Minister (1969-1972) in the Ministry of Development (1973-1974) and again the department of health (1974-78), and assistant head in the same department (1979-1983). Was secretary to the Council of Health (1975-1983), lecturer in public administration (1978-1983) and member of the faculty board of medicine and surgery, University of Malta, from 1979 to 1983. Was also member on WHO and Council of Europe committees of experts on management and the delivery of health services (1978-1983).

Clemente is married to Mary Caruana and they have three children: Sandro, Claudia and Anna and four grandchildren: Brendan, Isabelle, Damien and Simon. Dr Clemente Zammit has been a prominent figure within the Maltese Community in Australia. This same community looks forward to his continuing participation given that he has chosen to spend his retirement in Melbourne.

[Provided by Dr Clement Zammit Jan. 2006]

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